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The Centre Stage 2 grammar course was a generic course to be used by all faculty. It didn’t really allow for personalisation. So I needed to build my own personal teaching environment (PTE) which I could use with my students. The PTE would need to provide a teaching/learning space for my different English classes and courses. So I built sean’s blog@sharjah higher colleges for this purpose. To a certain extent it’s a bit limited as I only had one class this semester. I teach this class two courses, the Center Stage 2 grammar course and a vocabulary course. In addition, the design of the curriculum and the weak English ability of the students has resulted in less student contribution than I would have hoped for. Still, I’m happy with how it has worked out and hopefully I can build on it again next semester.

Once again, please have a look at the materials. Any comments would be more than welcome.

Click here to look at the materials.

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