Center Stage 2 – grammar


This grammar course, based around the textbook Center Stage 2, was designed for use with students at Sharjah Higher Colleges of Technology. It was originally delivered using our learning management system (LMS), Blackboard Vista. However, as I want to encourage more open learning and sharing of content (failures of traditional LMS), I moved the course over to a WordPress blog located on our server. This allows the content to be shared with colleagues and students in the other colleges in the HCT system and doesn’t restrict usage to just one semester.

There is one major limitation though: the online assessments in the original LMS cannot be made “open”. Students still have to log in to the LMS to do these quizzes. In the past, I have used classmarker and edmodo for online assessments, but with large-scale courses in formal institutions, it may be necessary to have some form of enterprise-level testing tool in place.

Once again, please have a look at the materials. Any comments would be more than welcome.

Click here to look at the materials.

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