HCT Educational Technology series (HCT Press) – Series Editor (2012 to 2014)

HCT Postgraduate Education Series (HCT Press) (2014)

UAE Journal of Educational Technology (2011 to 2013)


2014: eTextbook interactivity (Proceedings of the Irish Human Computer Interaction Conference)

2014: eTextbooks – New Directions in Learning Resources (HCT 26th Annual Conference proceedings)

2013: Using Blogs to Share Learner-Generated Content (TESL-EJ, 17-2, August 2013)

2013: Substitution to Redefinition: The Challenges of Using Technology (in “Redefining Learning”, HCT Educational Technology Series, Book 2. HCT Press)

2012: Digital Learning Spaces – an alternative to traditional Learning Management Systems? (International Journal of Excellence in eLearning, volume 4, issue 2)

2012: Blending Open and Closed Learning Management Systems in a Liberal Studies Course (UAE Journal of Educational Technology and eLearning, volume 3)

2012: Open Learning Management Systems – a Case Study (in “Opening up Learning”, HCT Educational Technology Series, Book 1. HCT Press)

2011: Web-based learning – Moving from learning islands to learning environments (TESL-EJ, 15-2, September 2011)

2011: Using Rapid Prototyping for Online Materials Development (UAE Journal of Educational Technology and eLearning, 2011)

2010: Using Webquests and Electronic Journals to Cultivate Writing Skills (In Cultivating Real Writers. HCT Press)

2010: Learning Management Systems: Less Management, More Learning (In English in Learning, Learning in English: Proceedings of the 15th TESOL Arabia Conference. TESOL Arabia Publications)

2010: Using Online Communities of Practice for EFL Teacher Development (In TESOL Arabia SIG Series: Computers in English Language Teaching. TESOL Arabia Publications)

2008: The Implementation and Evaluation of the E-learning Component of a University Foundation Year English Program (In TESOL Arabia SIG Series: Technology in the Classroom: Insights from the Arabian Gulf. TESOL Arabia Publications)

2008: The “e-notice”: an emerging genre (In TESOL Arabia SIG Series: Teaching, Learning, and Assessing Writing Skills in English. TESOL Arabia Publications)

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