Learn English – Adult

The general-purpose adult courses are built around the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), ranging from A1 (starter/elementary) to C2 (advanced). Currently, we offer four levels: starter, elementary, pre-intermediate and intermediate. Each level requires 120 hours of in-class study, split into 4 blocks of 30 hours. To proceed to a higher level, it is expected that students pass the end-of-level exam.

While there is an emphasis of listening and speaking in the courses, reading and writing skills will also be developed. Vocabulary plays a major part of each course and to supplement this, the online tool Quizlet is used to enhance vocabulary acquisition (click here to see a sample quizlet).



In addition to these general-purpose course, we also offer introductory and advanced TOEIC courses. Both these courses consist of 30 hours of in-class study.

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