proudly emirati


In 2008, Emiratis were being asked by their leaders to consider national identity. As a consequence, the theme of the 2009 Sharjah Higher Colleges Mosaic exhibition was Proudly Emirati. Faculty were encouraged to design learning activities that would allow students to explore this topic. My contribution was the Proudly Emirati online learning materials. These materials were built around WebQuests. Students had to find relevant information from web-based sources, complete guided and freer writing activities and then post the final written text in their online journals. Finally, as part of a collaborative project, students had to work together to produce a Proudly Emirati online flipbook that would be exhibited at the Mosaic exhibition.

The design and implementation of the materials was part of a research I did on designing and developing online materials. This research has produced two published papers.

2010: Using Webquests and Electronic Journals to Cultivate Writing Skills. Cultivating Real Writers. HCT Publications
2011: Using Rapid Prototyping to Design Online Materials. UAE Journal of Educational Technology and e-learning.

Once again, please have a look at the materials. Any comments about how you feel about using this type of online activity would be more than welcome.

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