basic grammar


This basic grammar course is an example of on an “old style” online course, i.e. students work through the materials at the own pace with feedback being provided by the computer. There is no space in which the student can interact with the teacher or with other students. And once they move on to the next page, the answers are lost.

I first started working on these activities in 2004, just about when the term “web 2.0” was first being mentioned by Tim O’ Reilly. They have been tweaked over the years, mainly changing the vocabulary to reflect the textbooks being used by the students. And they are still being used by students this year as supplementary/self-study material for their grammar course.

While the only learning connections are being made between individual students and the content, I still feel that activities of this type can play a role in the learning environment. They give students more opportunities for practice and help vary the style of learning.

Once again, please have a look at the materials. Any comments about how you feel about using this type of online activity would be more than welcome.

Click here to look at the materials.

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