About web4learning

web4learning aims at promoting the use of web-based technology for learning. It has its origins in web2english, a web-based English course. web4learning is a currently a combination of a number of things. The home page features postings realted to use of educational technology, ranging from more academic postings, to general topics of interest, to features on specific tools. There are also links to extensive resources, such as web-based and online learning courses/materials that I have developed and other useful ed tech sites. But web4learning is not just about using web-based or online materials for learning. It also aims at creating more learning opportunites by using the “network effect” (Bush and Mott, 2009),  i.e. the greater the number of participants in a learning network, the more possible learning connections exist (among participants and between participants and content).

One of the eventual plans for web4learning is to function as web-based learning management system. The current website will be used as the portal and for making learning resources open to the public. The actual learning managment side of things uses Google Apps for business/education.

web4learning is the work of Sean Dowling, currently educational technology coordinator at the Sharjah Higher Colleges of Technology in the United Arab Emirates. Sean can be contacted at sdowling@web4learning.net. For more information about his work, please click here.


Bush, M. & Mott, J. (2009). Bush, M. & Mott, J. (2009). The Transformation of Learning with Technology: Learner-Centricity, Content and Tool Malleability, and Network Effects. Educational Technology Magazine, 49 (2), 3-20.

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