Thai Language Courses now available

Starting in March, 2018, Thai language courses will be made available at web4learning. These course, designed by a non-native Thai-speaking educationalist but delivered by a native-Thai speaker, aim to help foreign residents in Thailand to master the Thai language essential for everyday living in Thailand. The earlier modules focus on vocabulary, pronunciation and key phrases. As students advance, students will also learn the Thai alphabet and reading Thai, key skills necessary to become a proficient Thai speaker.

As vocabulary plays a major part of each course and to supplement this, the online tool Quizlet is used to enhance vocabulary acquisition (click here to see a sample quizlet).


James Higbie’s excellent book, Essential Thai, will underpin each 30-hour module of study.

essential thai

Published by Sean Dowling

My name is Sean Dowling. I live in the Thailand with my wife and two daughters. I work at the Garden International School in Rayong where I am the ICT/Computing Coordinator and a Computing/ESL teacher. Together with my wife, we run a small language school - web4learning - in Sattahip.

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